Our board members

Caring - Loving - Devoted - Sympathetic

We give countless hours making sure Handy Hands Reflections runs smoothly helping grieving families



Hello, thank you for looking at our website. I founded HHR in 2008. I am very proud of what it has become. I love all the ladies that I have met and so honored to call them my HHR family and FRIENDS. 



I have been a very active member for approximately 10 years. I love creating albums for familes. I have met many talented ladies, and I love the team work.



I have enjoyed being a part of Handy Hands Reflections. I love the mission and being able to use my artistic abilities to assist families with their grieving. I have seen how the albums work for the families, it is very moving.



I have been friends with Jacki for a very long time, when I finally got to retire, I knew one choice of my volunteer work with be with Handy Hands Reflections. My other is with my church and enjoying being a grandma to Cole.

together is how we get it done

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