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           Below you can read our story, see the mission statement and our core values

Our Mission

Our mission is to help families by gifting them a personalized memory album, to hold their loved ones pictures and memories.


Our core value is to handle each album with love and integrity.  Creating albums to the best of our abilities so families can cherish their loved ones memories for many years to come; at no cost to them

Information about our albums and how to request and the HISTORY of HANDY HANDS REFLECTIONS

  • Albums can be requested for a family by contacting us
  • Each album contains ten - 2 page layouts ready for pictures to be added.
  • We pride ourselves on getting albums done in a resonable amount of time, usually 3 weeks.

history of handy hands reflections

My name is Jacki, I have been a forever crafter, most of all my life. In 2007 I became disabled from an accident. Due to my injuries, I was unable to work any longer. I have always worked and been 100% involved with my kids throughout their lives; classroom mom, scout leader (boy and girl) team mom for all kinds of sports, school carnival chairman 14 years, dance team mom and more: so for me to have way too much time on my hands, I needed to find something to do.  So, I took my love of scrapbooking and decided to find a way to give to others.

My sister, Terry was on hospice care with Life’s Doors Hospice late 2001, I saw her every day the rest of her life. Often times it was hard to find things to talk about… I wish I had taken some pictures in for us to talk about, using them as conversation starters. Because I now know the difference that pictures can make, starting those difficult conversations with those so ill, showing them that their life mattered, they were loved and they loved others as well as seeing that they had a good life.

It was 7 years later that I chose to give to Life’s Doors Hospice Center; because they were there for me during my sister’s end of life. I explained what I wanted to do for some of their clients. They were very pleased with what we had to offer, but mostly surprised at no charge to them or their clients. They could not understand how we could do this at no cost. I explained… “You would have to know scrapbookers, we always have more than enough.” That is how I decided what I would do to fill a huge void in my life. Working on albums also took my mind off my high pain levels. I was so thankful for that, I did not like taking so many medications. Now for the rest of the circumstances and story that helped us grow…

I had started working on my mother’s personal scrapbook album in 2006, it was her family, from her grandparents, mother/father, her sisters and her through high school graduation. I was preparing to go to the next part of her life; when through a bunch of serendipitous events, in November of 2008, I was able to go visit her in Lacy Washington. My plan was to ship her the album for Christmas. But I was given the opportunity to fly there, early November. I got as much of album done as I could, and gave it to her. Even though it was only through her life as a kid, it was just fine with her. She told me stories as she flipped the pages of her life in pictures. My time to be with her was limited to a few hours, but I learned a lot that day and I was thankful for the time I had.  

When she was done looking at the album, we sat and talked more. I wish now, that I had taken more time… While we talked, I told her my thoughts of starting a non-profit, creating and donating albums to families with a loved one on hospice care. She said “It is a beautiful gift and a great idea, and every job you have had has given you the experience you need to do it, your hands are so handy (that’s where our name came from). I left after about 4 hours; I called her a couple days later to see how she was, she said “I have looked at the album over and over and each time I see something new and have another memory… I also have showed everyone who comes to see me and tell them all about it and you.”, which made me proud. 

Unbeknownst to me, she was pretty sick, she had lung cancer, but didn’t tell any of the family, she lived with my brother. Her health continued to decline, December 22nd he took her to the hospital…sadly, she passed away December 23rd, which by the way was the day I had originally planned for her to get her album. I am so thankful I got see her early November… she never would have seen her album had I not been given the opportunity to go. Thank you to my friend Pat Dillard, who made it all happen. 

Handy Hands for Hospice was created to get albums to those on hospice, so their memories could be documented with pictures and stories. I used to go to their homes or to the hospital, for an interview also getting ideas for what kind of pages needed to be in their albums. We serviced any hospice center who had a patient that wanted an album. It became more difficult to do hospice patients for several different reasons.

One day I was shopping, picking up some extra supplies and albums, a lady asked why I was buying so many albums: so, I told her about what I do. She asked “So, my mom died 2 weeks ago, could I still get one?” I said “Yes, I am sorry about your loss.”  I got some information from her and went to work on her album, called her when it was done, she absolutely loved the album and graciously donated some money to us.

Since then, we have really grown in so many ways. It all started with me using my own supplies and inviting several scrapping friends to join me, many of which are still involved today. My husband and I kept it funded for 5 years, then HHR was able to fly on its own. I feel that we grew at a good rate of speed, it all happened the way it was suppose to. Our motto turned out to be “MEANT TO BE”.

Life’s Doors Hospice welcomed us to be a part of their Nonprofit; Camp Erin, it was a camp for grieving children, our mission statements were so closely connected. After many successful years, In 2014 they decided to close their doors.

I was voted in as CEO, this way I could legally take over the nonprofit, without starting over. When you see “Life’s DoorWay Inc.” it is our legal name. We DBA as Handy Hands for Hospice and Reflections, Handy Hands for Vets and Handy Hands for Pets.

MY PERSONAL STUFF, My husband and I have been best friends since we were 16 and 17 years old. We have two kids, Jake and Becca. We have 3 grandkids. Our family is number one in our lives, something we are very proud of and thankful for. However, May 29, 2018… Our son passed away due to an accident at work. Sadly, I know how much the albums mean to families and how much they can help with the grieving process. 

Thank you for taking time to read our story. We are blessed to be able to do what we do, as well as LOVE what we do.