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We create and donate memory albums to families who have experienced a loss of a loved one or are faced with the inevitable of terminal illness.  Here are some letters we have received over the years from families who we have been honored to help deal with those difficult times. When we give a family an album who have a loved one on hospice care, the album can help the patient find memories of his/her life; while going through pictures, reviewing their life seeing they had a good life. The pictures will give the families something positive to talk about stirring memories of an experience and the patient then can get their memory of the event into the album, instead of someone else’s memory… This becomes important with elderly family memories, since what they hold is the history of the family, which can be passed on to future generations…

As always, if you know of a family who would enjoy receiving one of our albums please contact us for them… we will do our best to get it to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Here are a few of the thank you notes we have received… we have MANY more, at our shop we have a WALL OF APPRECIATION.

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