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FOUNDED  August 2008

Our parent company name is Life’s DoorWays Inc. which is registered with the state of Idaho as a 501c3 not for profit.

We have 2 components listed under Life’s DoorWays Inc.;               Handy Hands for Hospice, Handy Hands Reflections,                        soon; Handy Hands Re-Creates and Pets Memory albums project.



To create and DONATE
personalized memory albums
for loved ones experiencing the end of life.


Volunteers create personalized memory albums for those who have someone on hospice care, dementia or have lost a loved one from illness, accidental or other means.  Once the patient, family or friends receive the album they will be able to place photos and document memories.  This is a great tool, with hopes of providing a gateway to conversation at such a difficult time.
The albums are also very therapeutic after a loss; while loved ones sort and place photos it can help through the grieving process. It is wonderful to have something tangible to hold onto, running fingers over a loved one’s picture, their writing or signature, creating a closeness, almost like holding their loved one, and once completed will hold memories for many generations.


We conduct ourselves in a professional manner, we have personal pride and integrity, which are at the core of who we are and what we do while creating these memorable  gifts, while maintaining confidentiality.


Through a series of serendipitous events I was able to make a trip early November of 2008, from Boise, Id to Lacy, Washington, giving my mom her album, just one month prior to her passing. I had been working on her album for over a year, it contained her  life history from Great-Great Grand Parents up to her life with her immediate family and graduation from high school. As she turned the pages of her history, I could see how content and happy she was looking over her life in pictures.  After she looked at it for the first time with me, she squeezed my hand and said “This is absolutely a wonderful gift, I love it,” then after hesitation she said, “Jacki, this is what you were meant to do, you are giving a precious priceless gift to families, DO NOT give up on this, you will help many people through a difficult time”  I spoke with her a week later, she told me she has shared her album with all who came to visit and she personally looked at it everyday.
She passed away December 13, 2008. This experience validated the creation of my foundation, which I have dedicated in loving memory to my father, mother, sister and brother. May they rest in peace and their memories live on forever.

Jacki Kelsch Founder/CEO

ne month prior

legal business name is Life’s DoorWays Inc.


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