Bobby Rogers (16)

We presented an album to Bobby’s parents when
Bobby Rogers passed in September of 2012 following a tragic accident, not wearing a seat belt. His mom and dad have created a foundation, please check out their web site

Parents have created a non profit; Buckle Up for Bobby

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  1. Thank you Rogers family for allowing us to have your handsome son on our website, telling his story… blessings to you and your forever memories. I am so proud of you for finding a way to help other families with your BUCKLE UP FOR BOBBY program, so other families won’t have to go through such tragedy.
    Bobby and some friends were driving in the foot hills of Boise, Id. when their vehicle went off the road and down a cliff, two beautiful children (16) lost their lives that night… neither of them were wearing a seat belt. Please buckle up yourselves and others in your vehicles.
    We gave the Rogers family an album to hold the memories of their precious son as well as an album for the other child who passed that night… both families were very happy to have an album to place their memories.

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